The Foundation SuperACT offers test facilities, training and consultancy for testing of superconductors and cryogenic research and engineering solutions for materials, composites and systems in tight collaboration with the research chair Energy, Materials and Systems (EMS) of the University of Twente.

What we offer to industrial or institutional SuperACT partners:

Stimulation and steering of research activities on cryogenic technologies and high-power superconductivity in the UT research chair Energy, Materials and Systems (EMS).

Start up and participation in research projects on cryogenic technologies and high-power superconductivity intended for utilization and spin-off activities. Scientific research projects will primarily be carried out within EMS, whereas development and series testing type projects will be focused at the foundation SuperACT.

Personnel and infrastructure of EMS are available to perform studies and/or measurements in a framework agreement allowing for large flexibility and rapid action.

A pool of personnel part at EMS and part at SuperACT is available for performing R&D to the benefit of the partner.

Twice per year SuperACT Council & Partner meetings providing information on developments at EMS but also in worldwide perspective and large organizations such as CERN, ITER and ESA.

Foundation SuperACT is committed to the long-term support of its worldwide customers. In addition to research, test, design, engineering, construction and commissioning of facilities or systems, training, support and technology transfer services are offered at on-going or new technical programs. These programs are designed to meet the diverse and evolving needs of worldwide customers.

The tailored technical service programs are dependent upon the technology platform and needs.

They encompass areas including:

Engineering and project support

Technology upgrades and developments

Customer specific product development programs, leveraging SuperACT extensive R&D capabilities

Testing of superconductors or materials (composites) for cryogenic applications

Trouble shooting assistance

System performance benchmarking

Cost, performance and quality optimization programs

Operations and maintenance training

Analytical training and support

Technology partnerships

SuperACT brings this R&D and technical service to its customers in the way that best suits the client.

Research & Development, Key Capabilities

Product development – performance enhancement.

Materials science – processing, electromagnetic and mechanical properties.

Modeling – electromagnetic and mechanical modeling for optimal design, product development, property prediction, and behavior of systems.

Analytical science – broad and deep specialized analytical expertise in physical characterization. Integrated problem solving expertise using electromagnetic, mechanical and thermal analysis.